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Mousse Filled Chocolate Cups PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 09 February 2012 13:10

Printable Recipe

Chocolate Cups:

6 oz (1 cup) semisweet chocolate chips

     Melt chocolate in a bowl set over a simmering pot of water. The water level should be low enough so as not to touch the bottom of the bowl.  Make sure no water gets in the chocolate or it will seize up. When chocolate has melted, turn off the heat but leave the bowl over the water so the chocolate doesn't firm up.
Using the back of a spoon, or a small, clean paintbrush, coat the bottom and sides of cup cake liners placed in muffin tins.   The chocolate should be kind of a thick layer. 
Refrigerate until firm - approx. 15-20 minutes. When firm remove the cups from the muffin tins and carefully peel off the cupcake liners.  (I used a lightly buttered silicone mold so I didn't use the cupcake liners)  If your cups break or aren't to your liking just remelt the chocolate and start over. 


1 small package (3.9 oz) vanilla instant pudding
1 package unsweetened Kool-aid of desired flavor (I like raspberry or strawberry)
2 cups heavy whipping cream

    Put mousse ingredients in a medium mixing bowl.   Beat until thick. 
Spoon or pipe mousse into chocolate bowls.  Garnish with whipped cream, fresh fruit or chocolate syrup if desired.

Makes 4-6

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